2019 SCCA Board Election and Bylaws Revision Results

TOPEKA, Kan. (Nov. 25, 2019) -- The Sports Car Club of America® has announced results for the SCCA® Board of Directors elections conducted in four of SCCA’s geographic Areas. Two new board members were selected, and two incumbents rejoin the board for another three-year term in office.


Jack Burrows, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, retains his position as Area 2 Director. Chris Albin, of Maryland Heights, Missouri, retains his title as Area 6 Director. Charles Dobbs, of Horseheads, New York, ran unopposed and is the new Area 10 Director. And finally, it is Steve Strickland, of Marion, Virginia, who won his bid for the Area 12 Director seat. The 2019 Board of Director election results are as follows:


Area 2: Encompasses part of the Northeast Division, including Northeast Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Steel Cities, Washington DC, Central Pennsylvania, Mahoning Valley, South Jersey, Susquehanna, Blue Mountain and Misery Bay Regions.

- Incumbent Area 2 Director Jack Burrows ran unopposed


Area 6: Encompasses the Midwest Division, and each Region contained within it.

- Incumbent Area 6 Director Chris Albin ran unopposed


Area 10: Encompasses part of the Northeast Division, including Central New York, Southern New York, Western New York, Finger Lakes, Mohawk-Hudson and Glen Regions.

- Charles Dobbs ran unopposed


Area 12: Encompasses part of the Southeast Division, including Alabama, Atlanta, Buccaneer, Tennessee, North Carolina, Central Carolinas, Old Dominion, Eastern Tennessee, South Carolina, Middle Georgia, Tennessee Valley, Chattanooga, and Blue Ridge Regions.

- Steve Strickland: 548

- Melanie Murray: 300


The full 2020 SCCA Board of Directors will be as follows:

Area 1 - Bob Dowie

Area 2 - Jack Burrows

Area 3 - Lee Hill

Area 4 - Marcus Merideth

Area 5 - Peter Jankovskis

Area 6 - Chris Albin

Area 7 - Dan Helman

Area 8 - Arnie Coleman

Area 9 - Charlie Davis

Area 10 - Charles Dobbs

Area 11 - Jason Isley

Area 12 - Steve Strickland

Area 13 - Jeff Zurschmeide


Also contained on the 2019 ballot was an initiative to update SCCA Bylaws concerning procedures related to voting on future matters put in front of members. The initiative passed by more than the two-thirds vote required, the tally being 6,867 to 400 votes, and allows for any official SCCA notification/communication in the future to be delivered to the membership in either written or electronic media (e.g., email) form. Notices may be communicated in person, by U.S. postal mail or other method of delivery, by email or other electronic means, or by publication in SportsCar Magazine or any other publication routinely provided by the Club to members.


Election ballots were received and counted by Mize, Houser & Company, Certified Public Accountants. The current board is set to have one more meeting in December, with new BoD members officially taking their seats January 1, 2020.


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